Our focus is to prepare and load as many designs for use (see use). This may take a while because of the reformatting and preparations we are doing to make our designs compatible for many different machines.



If you have any issues with a downloaded design, please contact us and we will send you the file directly. Sorry; Due to the tedious conversions of every design we are trying to be as accurate as possible, but sometimes mistakes are made and we will get them corrected for you ASAP.



With purchasing our designs we allow you to create and make whatever you want. We have provided a very profitable product line idea for you to make or you can use them for other options. We do not allow you to share or sell the designs in a digital format.



Pricing and promotions may change at anytime.



TRADEMARKS (trumps Copyright's for use)

NOTE: A logo or words can become trademarked; this will require you to adhere to their agreement for use. Note: Some may require you to get permission from them, others may limit who you can sell to, while few may have licensing agreements that may require a crafters fee or more. If you have questions about use, you can google to see what you want to make and if it will require licensing.